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Industrial Machinery

Improve your manufacturing processes for increased profits. Industrial machinery and equipment industry has a lot of peculiarities, which make it hard for companies to keep track of their orders, stocks, and deadlines. Having the right management...


Address the challenges of the highly variable assortment of the textile market. Textile and apparel manufacturers often face difficulties when tracking processes such as material production, stock management, master production schedule, and...

Logistics & Transport

Digitize flows and meet market challenges. Logistics is a highly competitive industry where changing market conditions and customer requirements press as never before. Logistics businesses can thrive only with real-time information at hand,...


Flexible strategy of success. Today, retail business faces two big challenges: growing customer expectations and new types of IT tasks. Many people who buy and compare goods in stores, both online and through mobile devices, expect retailers to...

Wholesale & Distribution

Boost your orders, revenues and profits. Distributors all over the world face a lot of problems every day. Companies struggle to build a reliable warehouse control process, manage complex goods, navigate through the cross-country operations....


Keep track of your inventory, plan demand, and control ROI. Food business management is a complex task that is hard to solve without using tailored software solutions. The ERP solutions help in building multiple business processes, including food...


How a small business can offer big support. Manufacturers in all industries and of any size are challenged by global competition more than ever before. But who are your most serious rivals and challengers? Bigger corporations, foreigners,...


Automate all steps from getting an order to managing cash flows, all in one place. Service and repair companies all over the world have similar issues when it comes to business process automation. The business needs service management software to...

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