1C:Drive Sales & Service

Scale Up Your Small Business or Medium Enterprise

Ready-to-start ERP software solution for small and medium businesses to automate key workflows, including Purchases, Sales, Stock, Production and more. Lead your business to growth with the multifunctional ERP solution for production, wholesale, and service companies. With your company growing, the need to control key business processes becomes more and more crucial. Get real time data to make informed decisions, control costs and track key indicators for scaling your business.

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Features and Advantages

The best features, advantages, benefits for your business

Easy to adapt to existing processes and business needs

Analyze business operations in the smallest detail with flexible and conclusive reports on orders, finances, inventory, and costs

Production management and real-time planning

Transparent order tracking in real-time — from sales and purchases to production and stock

Support team at your disposal for smooth implementation and seamless operation

Automate production processes of different complexity, plan workload and monitor availability of raw materials

One single system to manage the entire ordering process

Affordable ERP backed by powerful 1C:Enterprise platform

Ready-to-start SMB ERP that scales along with the company’s growth

Unified dashboard to provide the big picture view and data for informed decisions

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