ERP Solutions for Import and Export Industry

Streamline operations, tracking and performance control when running business worldwide

In the globalized world, transnational trade has become a common pathway for businesses to expand beyond the limitations of domestic markets and open up new revenue opportunities. This is why supply chains often entail both imports and exports. For example, in the textile industry, raw materials and accessories are in many cases imported from certain countries, while the output is exported to different countries. This makes the issue of efficiently managing transnational trade operations a crucial one

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Features and Advantages

The best features, advantages, benefits for your business

Price management

Order tracking on every step of materials and product delivery

Calculation of variable tolls, taxes and fees

Employees speaking different languages

A system perfectly tailored to the local specifics (customization & local versions)

Interacting with multiple legal entities

Local specifics of different countries

Multiple currencies

Consolidate balances correctly with multi-currency invoices and custom exchange rates

Accounting of all required processes in a single integrated system

Complex logistics processes

Customs clearance

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